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Humber Bridge Act 2013

Type of Bill:
Private Bill
Parliamentary agents:
Bircham Dyson Bell LLP
Promoted by:
Clerk to the Humber Bridge Board
Petitioning period:
House of Commons: 23 January 2013 until 5pm on 30 January 2013
House of Lords: 21 May 2013 until 5pm on 3 June 2013.

Progress of the Bill

Bill started in the House of Commons

  1. House of Commons
    1. 1st reading
    2. 2nd reading
    3. Committee stage
    4. Report stage
    5. 3rd reading
  2. House of Lords
    1. 1st reading
    2. 2nd reading
    3. Committee stage
    4. 3rd reading
  3. Consideration of Amendments
  4. Royal Assent

Last event

Act of Parliament

House Act Date
Commons Humber Bridge Act 2013 18.12.2013

Latest news on the Humber Bridge Act 2013

Following agreement by both Houses on the text of the Bill it received Royal Assent on 18 December. The Bill is now an Act of Parliament (law).


Petition information

There will be no further opportunities for those who are "specially and directly affected" by this Bill to oppose it or seek its amendment before a Select Committee by presenting a "petition" against the bill during the "petitioning period" in either House. 
Further information about petitioning can also be found by following this link.  Staff in either office will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process of opposing a private bill. 

Contact the Lords Private Bill Office for further information

  • The Commons petitioning period ran from 23 to 30 January 2013. No petitions were deposited against the Bill.
  • The Lords petitioning period ran from 22 May 2013 to 3 June 2013. No petitions were deposited against the Bill.

Summary of the Humber Bridge Act 2013

A Bill to amend the constitution of the Humber Bridge Board and to confer new borrowing and other powers on it; to make new provision for the recovery of any deficit of the Board from local authorities in the area; to confer new powers for the setting and revision of tolls and to make other provision for and in connection with the operation of the bridge; and for connected purposes.

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