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Control of Dogs Bill 2009-10

Type of Bill:
Private Members' Bill (under the Ten Minute Rule)
Martin Linton

Progress of the Bill

Bill started in the House of Commons

  1. House of Commons
    1. 1st reading
    2. 2nd reading
    3. Committee stage
    4. Report stage
    5. 3rd reading
  2. House of Lords
    1. 1st reading
    2. 2nd reading
    3. Committee stage
    4. Report stage
    5. 3rd reading
  3. Consideration of Amendments
  4. Royal Assent

Latest Bill

This Bill is being prepared for publication.

Latest news on the Control of Dogs Bill 2009-10

On 30 March 2010, the House of Commons was asked, under the Ten Minute Rule motion, to to give leave for this Bill to be intorduced.  The sponsor was allowed 10 minutes to support the Bill and there was ten minutes for other MPs to comment.  The House agreed and the Bill was read a first time.

Private Member's Bill are often not printed until close to a Second Reading debate.  If the text of Bill is not available on these pages and you want information about the Bill then you would need to contact the Member sponsoring the Bill.

The 2009-10 session of parliament has prorogued and this Bill will make no further progress.

Summary of the Control of Dogs Bill 2009-10

A Bill to require dog-owners to have their dogs micro-chipped; to set a minimum age for dog ownership; to give courts powers to ban households from dog ownership; to require local authorities to provide kennelling for stray dogs and to nominate responsible officers for dog control; to extend the provisions of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 to private property; to empower the police and local authorities to issue dog control notices; to give police support officers powers to enforce byelaws relating to dogs; to require owners of breeding dogs to be accredited; to set minimum standards for accredited dog breeders; to give local authorities powers to enter premises used for dog breeding; to regulate access to dog ownership data; and for connected purposes.

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