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House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Children, Schools and Families Bill 2009-10

Here you can browse the record of the public proceedings of the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Children, Schools and Families Act 2010.

Committee members and staff

Chairmen: Mr David Amess, Janet Anderson

16 Members

  • Brooke, Annette (Mid Dorset and North Poole)
  • Coaker, Mr Vernon (Gedling)
  • Cryer, Mrs Ann (Keighley)
  • Flint, Caroline (Don Valley)
  • Gibb, Mr Nick (Bognor Regis and Littlehampton)
  • Johnson, Ms Diana R. (Kingston upon Hull North)
  • Laws, Mr David (Yeovil)
  • Linton, Martin (Battersea)
  • Loughton, Tim (East Worthing and Shoreham)
  • McCarthy, Kerry (Bristol East)
  • Prentice, Bridget (Lewisham East)
  • Purchase, Mr Ken (Wolverhampton North East)
  • Stuart, Mr Graham (Beverley and Holderness)
  • Timpson, Mr Edward (Crewe and Nantwich)
  • Waltho, Lynda (Stourbridge)
  • Wiggin, Bill (Leominster)

 Clerks: Mrs S Davies, Miss Howe


Reports of Proceedings

Full transcripts of the Public Bill Committee meetings.

Proceeding Date
Committee stage: 12th sitting 04.02.2010
Committee stage: 11th sitting 04.02.2010
Committee stage: 10th sitting 02.02.2010
Committee stage: 9th sitting 02.02.2010
Committee stage: 8th sitting 28.01.2010
Committee stage: 7th sitting 28.01.2010
Committee stage: 6th sitting 26.01.2010
Committee stage: 5th sitting 26.01.2010
Committee stage: 4th sitting 21.01.2010
Committee stage: 3rd sitting 21.01.2010
Committee stage: 2nd sitting 19.01.2010
Committee stage: 1st sitting 19.01.2010

Written evidence

Written submissions from outside bodies and individuals are circulated to MPs appointed to examine the Bill during committee stage in a Public Bill Committee. The following written submissions were sent to this committee.

Written evidence Date
Tony Redmond, Local Government Ombudsman (Memorandum CS 43) 05.02.2010
Tony Redmond, Local Government Ombudsman (Additional Memorandum CS 44) 05.02.2010
Jacquie Cox (Memorandum CS 45) 05.02.2010
John Friel (Memorandum CS 46) 05.02.2010
Newspaper Society (Additional Memorandum CS 47) 05.02.2010
Pamela and Terry Perryman (Memorandum CS 48) 05.02.2010
Children's Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) (Memorandum CS 39) 03.02.2010
Home Education Advisory Service (Memorandum CS 40) 03.02.2010
David Hough (Memorandum CS 41) 03.02.2010
Action for Home Education (AHEd) (Memorandum CS 42) 03.02.2010
Memorandum submitted by the PSHE Association (CS 33)) 29.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Randall Hardy (CS 34) 29.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by the Newspaper Society (CS 35) 29.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by the Society of Editors (CS 36) 29.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Autism-in-Mind (AIM) (CS 37) 29.01.2010
Additional memorandum submitted by Education Otherwise (CS 38) 29.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by LGA (CS 23) 27.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Sir Mark Potter (CS 24) 27.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Lorena Hodgson (CS 25) 27.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Kelly Green (CS 26) 27.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Louise Thorn (CS 27) 27.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Ceridwen Roberts and Robert H George (CS 28) 27.01.2010
Additional memorandum submitted by Michael Crawshaw (CS 29) 27.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Dave Watson (CS 30) 27.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Jill Harris (CS 31) 27.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Comprehensive Future (CS 32) 27.01.2010
Memorandum Submitted by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (CS 13) 25.01.2010
Memorandum from the Children Are Unbeatable! Alliance 25.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Dani Ahrens (CS 15) 25.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Rosemary McGruther (CS 16) 25.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by the Children's Commissioner for England (CS 17) 25.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Dr Ben Anderson (CS 18) 25.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Association of Lawyers for Children (CS 19) 25.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Tania Berlow (CS 20) 25.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Michael Crawshaw (CS 21) 25.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Tania Berlow, Jacquie Cox, and Dr Ben Anderson (CS 22) 25.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by National Children's Bureau (CS 01) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Mr. Imran Shah (CS 02) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by the Family Planning Association (FPA) (CS 03) 20.01.2010
Memorandum Submitted by Mr Imran Shah and Ms Betsy Anderson (CS 04) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Roxane Featherstone (CS 05) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by the Family Education Trust (CS 06) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Mr Imran Shah and Ms Cintha Archer (CS 07) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Mr. James Chilton (CS 08) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Edge Foundation (CS 09) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) (CS 10) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by Education Otherwise (CS 11) 20.01.2010
Memorandum submitted by NASUWT (CS 12) 20.01.2010

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