Parliamentary business for Tuesday 5 November 2019

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9amConduct Committee
Subject: Private Meeting
Location: Room 3, Palace of Westminster
10.15amScience and Technology Committee (Lords)
Subject: Ageing: Science, Technology and Healthy Living
Witness(es): (at 10:25 AM) Professor John Mathers, Professor of Human Nutrition, Newcastle University Professor Kay-Tee Khaw, Professor of Clinical Gerontology, Cambridge University Dr Marina Ezcurra, Lecturer in Molecular Biosciences, University of Kent (at 11:25 AM) Professor Paul Greenhaff, Professor of Muscle Metabolism, University of Nottingham Professor Alun Hughes, Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology and Pharmacology, University College London Dr Samuel Nyman, Interim Deputy Head, Department of Medical Science and Public Health, Bournemouth University
Location: Room 1, Palace of Westminster
10.30amFood, Poverty, Health and Environment Committee
Subject: Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment
Witness(es): (at 10:40 AM) Ms Jenny Oldroyd, Deputy Director, Obesity, Food and Nutrition, Department of Health and Social Care Ms Alison Ismail, Acting Director for Agri-Food Chain Directorate, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Ms Julia Gault, - Deputy Director, Labour Market, Families & Disadvantage, Department for Work and Pensions Ms Sarah Lewis, System Leadership and Strategy (Early Years and Schools), Department for Education
Location: Room 4, Palace of Westminster
10.35amDemocracy and Digital Technologies Committee
Subject: Democracy and Digital Technologies
Witness(es): (at 10:35 AM) Lord David Currie, Chair, Advertising Standards Authority Mr Guy Parker, CEO, Advertising Standards Authority (at 11:30 AM) Mr Paul Bainsfair, Director General, INSTITUTE OF PRACTITIONERS IN ADVERTISING Mr Eric Salama, Chief Executive, Kantar Mr Keith Weed, President, Advertising Association
Location: Room 2, Palace of Westminster
3pmGambling Industry Committee
Subject: Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry
Witness(es): (at 3:05 PM) Mr Simon Thomas, Chief Executive, Hippodrome Casino Mr John O'Reilly, Chief Executive, Rank (at 4:05 PM) Mr Miles Baron, Chief Executive, Bingo Association Mr Phil Cronin, Chief Executive, Tombola Mr Simon Wykes, Transition Director, Gamesys Group
Location: Room 4, Palace of Westminster
3.15pmElectoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 Committee
Subject: Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013
Witness(es): (at 3:30 PM) Mr Darren Hughes, Chief Executive, Electoral Reform Society Mr Michael Sani, Co-founder, Bite the Ballot
Location: Room 2A, Palace of Westminster
3.30pmEconomic Affairs Committee
Subject: Private Meeting
Location: Room 1, Palace of Westminster
Central Lobby

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