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House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Tenant Fees Bill 2017-19

Here you can browse the record of the public proceedings of the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Tenant Fees Act 2019.

Committee members and staff


  • Everett, Mike
  • Weir, David




Reports of Proceedings

Full transcripts of the Public Bill Committee meetings.

Proceeding Date
Committee Debate: 5th sitting | PDF version, 142KB 12.06.2018
Committee Debate: 4th sitting | PDF version, 200KB 12.06.2018
Committee Debates: compilation pdf of sittings so far (PDF, 827KB) 12.06.2018
Committee Debate: 3rd sitting | PDF version, 292KB 07.06.2018
Committee Debate: 2nd sitting | PDF version, 155KB 07.06.2018
Committee Debate: 1st sitting | PDF version, 172KB 05.06.2018

Written evidence

Written submissions from outside bodies and individuals are circulated to MPs appointed to examine the Bill during committee stage in a Public Bill Committee. The following written submissions were sent to this committee.

Written evidence Date
Written Evidence: LiFE Residential (TFB48) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: London Borough of Newham (TFB49) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: Yasmine Eldene, Atwell Martin (TFB50) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: John Socha, Socha Estates (TFB51) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: Dan Wilson Craw, Director, Generation Rent (TFB52) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: Chartered Institute of Housing (TFB53) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: Paul Atwell (TFB54) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: Will Linley, Linley & Simpson (TFB55) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: John Socha, Socha Estates (further submission) (TFB56) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: Hayley Brinn (TFB57) 13.06.2018
Written Evidence: Shelter (TFB42) (PDF, 542KB) 07.06.2018
Written Evidence: Chartered Trading Standards Institute (TFB43) 07.06.2018
Written Evidence: Leaders Romans Group Limited (TFB44) (PDF, 894KB) 07.06.2018
Written Evidence: Dr Andrew Summers (TFB45) 07.06.2018
Written Evidence: iQ Student Accommodation (TFB46) 07.06.2018
Written Evidence: Good2Rent (TFB47) (PDF, 151KB) 07.06.2018
Written Evidence: Riley Marshall (TFB01) (PDF, 1MB) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Tracey Glenn, Lettings Director at John German (TFB02) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Steve Harris, Managing Director at Abode (TFB03) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Simon Hardy, Director, Harvey Scott Cheshire Ltd (TFB04) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Maria Morgan, Managing Director, Platinum Properties Ely (TFB05) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Andrew GM Hepburn, Proprietor, Mead Property Management (TFB06) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Sue & John Warburton, Proprietors of Belvoir - Leamington Spa (TFB07) (PDF, 142KB) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Phil Watson, Managing Director, Martin&Co (TFB08) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Sonny Sabharwal, Lettings Director, Hampton-Heath (TFB09) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: David Votta, Senior Lettings Manager, Haart (TFB10) (PDF, 462KB) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Deanna Musgrave, BEP Relocation (TFB11) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Dennis H Dowen, Dowen Surveyors and Estate Agents (TFB12) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Stan Heeks and others (TFB13) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Grant Nicholls, Woodholls, Director (TFB14) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Urban Patchwork (TFB15) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Michael and Elizabeth Fenton (TFB16) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Steve Ballam, Director, Martin&Co Poole (TFB17) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Louise Griffiths, Managing Director, Martin&Co (TFB18) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Susan Rowlands, Peach Lettings (TFB19) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Roy Pabari, Hilton & Fox Ltd (TFB20) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Simon Bland, Director, sbliving Limited (TFB21) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Jonathan Morgan, Managing Director, Morgans City Living (TFB22) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Adam Gregory, AGT Property Management & Lettings Ltd (TFB23) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Luke Gidney, Managing Director, Let Leeds (TFB24) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Daniel Dow, Director, KT Residential Ltd (TFB25) 06.06.2018
Written Evidence: Bill Cooper (TFB26) 06.06.2018
David Westgate, Chief Executive, Andrews Property Group (TFB27) 06.06.2018
Nathan Anderson Dixon, Managing Director, Abode Midlands (TFB28) 06.06.2018
James Whittaker, Norwich Accommodation Agency (TFB29) 06.06.2018
Jenny Robinson, Hythe and Waterside Lettings (TFB31) 06.06.2018
Mr Kameron Singh (TFB32) 06.06.2018
Sarah Hope, Saxon Kings (TFB33) 06.06.2018
Jeremy Traynor, Traynor and Co Surveyors (TFB34) 06.06.2018
Lucinda Watts, Sulgrave Estates Limited (TFB35) 06.06.2018
Citizens Advice (TFB36) 06.06.2018
ARLA Propertymark (TFB37) 06.06.2018
Refugee Council (TFB38) 06.06.2018 (TFB39) 06.06.2018
Mervyn Terrett, A-Top Management Services Ltd (TFB40) 06.06.2018
Residential Landlords Association (TFB41) 06.06.2018

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