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House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Offensive Weapons Bill 2017-19

Here you can browse the record of the public proceedings of the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Offensive Weapons Act 2019.

Committee members and staff

Clerks: Mike Everett and Adam Mellows-Facer

Chairs: Gapes, Mike (Ilford South) and Gray, James (North Wiltshire)



Reports of Proceedings

Full transcripts of the Public Bill Committee meetings.

Proceeding Date
Committee Debate: 10th sitting | PDF version 11.09.2018
Committee Debate: 9th sitting | PDF version 11.09.2018
Committee Debates: compilation pdf of sittings so far (PDF) 11.09.2018
Committee Debate: 7th sitting | PDF version 06.09.2018
Committee Debate: 8th sitting | PDF version 06.09.2018
Committee Debate: 6th sitting | PDF version 04.09.2018
Committee Debate: 5th sitting | PDF version 04.09.2018
Committee Debate: 4th sitting | PDF version 19.07.2018
Committee Debate: 3rd sitting | PDF version, 143KB 19.07.2018
Committee Debate: 2nd sitting | PDF version, 218KB 17.07.2018
Committee Debate: 1st sitting | PDF version, 187KB 17.07.2018

Written evidence

Written submissions from outside bodies and individuals are circulated to MPs appointed to examine the Bill during committee stage in a Public Bill Committee. The following written submissions were sent to this committee.

Written evidence Date
Written Evidence: Matthew Hartley (OWB183) (PDF) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Outdoor365 (OWB184) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Andy McGarty (OWB185) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Andy Beal (OWB187) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Christopher Walker Antiques (OWB188) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Robin Garratt (OWB189) (PDF) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Roger Ellis (OWB190) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mal (OWB191) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: British Battery Industry Federation (BIFF) (OWB192) (PDF) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Simon Pamment (OWB193) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Ron Comben (OWB194) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: The Lanes Armoury (OWB195) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Vintage Arms Association (OWB196) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Deactivated Weapons Association (OWB197) (PDF) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Access to Justice (A2J) (CLB02) 12.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mr M D Jenvey (OWB82A) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mr M D Jenvey (OWB82B) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Springfields (further written evidence) (OWB106A) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Dhan Panesar (OWB165) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Gareth Corfield,on behalf of British Young Shooters’ Association (OWB167) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Rupert Fitzsimmons, on behalf of Cambridge University Small Bore Club and Cambridge University Rifle Association (OWB166) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Michael Venus on behalf of A.S.Handover Ltd (OWB168) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: John-Paul Gabbott on behalf of Alpha Batteries Ltd (OWB169) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Ian Menzies (OWB170) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Doug Eckford on behalf of Axiotech Automotive Ltd (OWB171) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Leighton Colegrave (OWB172) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Oliver Fallows (OWB173) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Isen Wharton (OWB174) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Steve Hunnisett (OWB175) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Simon Fowler (OWB176) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Jeff Clarke (OWB177) (PDF) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Neil Hains (OWB178) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: R Hawkins (OWB179) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Earl Williamson (OWB180) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Martin Osment (OWB181) (PDF) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation’s (IAAF) (OWB182) 11.09.2018
Written Evidence: Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (OWB150) (PDF) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Jurg Peterson (OWB151) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mr R E FLOOK further submission (OWB152) (PDF) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Steven Mould, Director and Co-founder of Flint and Flame – trading name for The Wellness Tree Ltd (OWB153) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Dr Karl Gensberg (OWB154) (PDF) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Chemical Business Association (CBA) (OWB155) (PDF) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: CART (Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team) further submission (OWB156) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Cate Tuitt (OWB157) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Andrew J Brice (OWB158) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Lee Sheldon (private individual) (OWB159) (PDF) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Malvern Community Forest (OWB160) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Fifty Calibre Shooters Association UK (Further submission) (OWB95B) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Thomas Dennison (OWB162) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: London Borough of Newham (OWB163) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: Southern Gun Company Ltd (OWB164) 06.09.2018
Written Evidence: BASC (supplementary to oral evidence) (OWB61A) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: FCSA-UK (further written evidence) (OWB95A) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Richard Hudson (OWB100) (PDF) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Ian Backhouse (OWB101) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Samuel Moulton (OWB102) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Axminster Tool Centre Ltd (OWB103) (PDF) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) (OWB104) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: National Federation of Coppice Workers (NCfed) (OWB105) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Springfields (OWB106) (PDF) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mr B Britton (OWB107) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Chris McColl (OWB108) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Roger Creagh-Osborne (OWB109) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association (OWB110) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Gareth Rowlands (OWB111) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Crown Prosecution Service (follow-up) (OWB112) (PDF) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Alexander Davis (OWB113) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Freddie Witts (OWB114) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Easton Antique Arms, Schola Gladiatoria, FightCamp and the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition (HEMAC) (OWB115) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Emma Connell (OWB116) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mr Stephen J Home (OWB117) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Matthew Forde (OWB118) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Leanne & Simon Hengle (OWB119) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Christopher J Bolton (OWB120) (PDF) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Dr James R. Pritchett (OWB121) (PDF) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Ian Parish (OWB122) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mr. Gian A. Ameri (OWB123) (PDF) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Keith Farrell, on behalf of the Academy of Historical Arts Ltd (OWB124) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mike Field, Managing Director, MDS Battery Limited (OWB125) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mark Simpkins (OWB126) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Inderjeet Singh (OWB127) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Taylors Eye Witness Ltd further submission (OWB128) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Usdaw (OWB129) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Ryan (OWB130) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Paul Hannaby, Chairman of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB) (OWB131) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Christopher Scott, Great Scott Antiques (OWB132) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Neil Plucknett (OWB133) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Andrew Stevens, Antique Swords UK/EU further submission (OWB134) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Michael Ebbage further submission (OWB135) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Wayne Pearce, Chairman BDRPC, NRA Club 135 (OWB136) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Brian Jones (OWB137) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Bob Sweet (OWB138) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Bernard Crocombe (OWB139) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Rupert Cantello (OWB140) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Benjamin Grunwerg on behalf of I Grunwerg Ltd (OWB141) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Charles Horner (OWB142) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Mrs Angela Wentworth (OWB143) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: British Woodcarvers Association (OWB144) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Battery Shop (UK) Ltd (OWB145) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Griffin Battery Centres (OWB146) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Tayna Batteries (OWB147) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Standing Committee for Youth Justice (OWB148) (PDF) 05.09.2018
Written Evidence: Leonard Sellwood (OWB149) 05.09.2018
Written evidence: Ben Freeston (OWB68) (PDF, 568KB) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Matt Szafran (OWB69) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: University of London Rifle Club (OWB70) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: National Crime Agency (NCA) (OWB71) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Joshua Collins (OWB72) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Steven W Kendrick (OWB73) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Mike Dunstan (OWB74) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Mrs Helen Whicher (OWB75) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Simon Duffy (OWB76) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Egginton Bros Ltd. (OWB77) (PDF, 604KB) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: David R Johnson (OWB78) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Christopher Ashbolt: Mora Distribution Limited (OWB79) (PDF, 579KB) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: British Shooting Sports Council (OWB80) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Martin R Cook (OWB81) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Mr M D Jenvey (OWB82) (PDF, 885KB) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Adrian Hale, Honorary Treasurer, Blackpool & Fylde Fullbore Pistol & Rifle Club (OWB83) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Jonathan Watson (OWB84) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Charles Murton, Deputy Chairman, SLG Bisley (OWB85) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Mr C W R Phillips (OWB86) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Nigel Newby (OWB87) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Raymond Mears, Founder and CEO, Woodlore Wilderness Bushcraft & Tracking (OWB88) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Keith Rayner (OWB89) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Stephen Hills (OWB90) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Stephen Hills (follow-up) (OWB90(a)) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: CART (Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team) (OWB91) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Whitby & Co (OWB92) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Angela Wigley (OWB93) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Bruce Bollington, Managing Director of Lorax Ltd, trading as Heinnie Haynes (OWB94) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: The Fifty Calibre Shooters Association of the United Kingdom (FCSA-UK) (OWB95) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Dr Tom Walker (OWB96) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Taylors Eye Witness Ltd (OWB97) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Andrew Mercer, Chief Executive, National Rifle Association, Bisley Camp, Brookwood, Surrey (OWB98) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: John L Harvey (OWB99) 23.07.2018
Written evidence: Carl Wiles (OWB31) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Gwilym Harding (OWB32) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Laurentius Huige (OWB33) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Alistair Alan Cormack (OWB34) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Leszek Sikon (OWB35) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: John Rossiter (OWB36) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Bruce McPherson (OWB37) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Phil Proctor, MD for Robert Sorby Ltd (OWB38) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Steven Macleod (OWB39) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Mr J Barnes, Director, BDU Imports Ltd (OWB40) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Nicholas Julian (OWB41) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Diana Taylor (OWB42) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Lionel Nierop (OWB43) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Alex James (OWB44) (PDF, 449KB) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Dave Lockett (OWB45) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Adrian Hodgson (OWB46) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Stuart Fingland (OWB47) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Mr Tom Morton of Pilgrim Leathercraft (OWB48) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Karl Franks, Director, Karlyon Care Ltd (OWB49) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Dr Gordon Allison (OWB50) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Mike Devonport (OWB51) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Robin Slade, Scrubby Oak Fine Foods Ltd (OWB52) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Joe Wakeham (OWB53) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Mr Declan Mouland (OWB54) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Roger Harrington (OWB55) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Tactical Reviews (OWB56) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Max Bone (Managing Director), Decorating Direct Ltd (OWB57) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: George Ellis, Chairman, Greensleeves Shooting Club (OWB58) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Paul Fremantle (OWB59) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Napoleonic Association (OWB60) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (OWB61) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Anthony Newman (OWB62) (PDF, 704KB) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Trevor Howard (OWB63) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Michael Ebbage (OWB64) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Mr R E Flook (OWB65) (PDF, 1MB) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: John Parris (OWB66) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Roger Sinden (OWB67) 19.07.2018
Written evidence: Dr P J R Whicker (OWB01) (PDF, 645KB) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Mark Stone (OWB02) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Dudley Newliss (OWB03) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Firearms UK (OWB04) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Rikki Wells (OWB05) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Cosmin Maris (OWB07) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Bret Boivin (OWB08) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Paul Freeman, Manager, DNA Leisure Ltd (OWB09) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Lawrence Taylor, Blades UK Ltd (OWB10) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Andrew Burton (OWB11) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Steven Goldsmith (OWB12) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: John Carlin (OWB13) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Robin Watson (OWB14) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Matthew Ball (OWB15) (PDF, 544KB) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Nick Wright (OWB16) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Mark Austin (OWB17) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Andrew Stevens, Antique Swords UK / EU (OWB18) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: International Gallery Rifle Federation (OWB19) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Dr Keith Pearson (OWB20) (PDF, 358KB) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Keith Charles Howell, Chairman, Frome & District Pistol Club Ltd (OWB21) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Alan Willey (OWB22) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Alastair Haley, Chairman, County of Gloucester Rifle Association (OWB23) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Simon Edwards (OWB24) (PDF, 53KB) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: David Eadsforth (OWB25) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Alison Castle (OWB26) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Chris Ellis (OWB27) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Nicholas Riley, MD Blades and Bows Ltd (OWB28) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Register of Professional Turners (OWB29) 18.07.2018
Written evidence: Tony Price (OWB30) 18.07.2018

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