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House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill [HL] 2017-19

Here you can browse the record of the public proceedings of the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019.

Committee members and staff


  • Mellows-Facer, Adam




Reports of Proceedings

Full transcripts of the Public Bill Committee meetings.

Proceeding Date
Committee Debate: 6th sitting | PDF version 22.01.2019
Committee Debate: 5th sitting | PDF version 22.01.2019
Committee Debates: compilation pdf of sittings so far (PDF) 22.01.2019
Committee Debate: 4th sitting | PDF version 17.01.2019
Committee Debate: 3rd sitting | PDF version 17.01.2019
Committee Debate: 2nd sitting | PDF version 15.01.2019
Committee Debate: 1st sitting | PDF version 15.01.2019

Written evidence

Written submissions from outside bodies and individuals are circulated to MPs appointed to examine the Bill during committee stage in a Public Bill Committee. The following written submissions were sent to this committee.

Written evidence Date
Written evidence: Leicestershire County Council DOLS Service (MCAB63) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Royal College of Nursing (MCAB64) (PDF) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Nigel Hodder, Best Interests Assessor for DOLS (MCAB65) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Liz Gale, Mental Capacity Act Lead, Bi-Borough Adults Social Care and Public Health, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council (MCAB66) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Devon County Council (MCAB67) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Doughty Street Chambers Court of Protection Team (MCAB68) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Dr Amanda Thompsell (Chair, Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry, Royal College of Psychiatrists), Dr Hugh Series (Consultant old age psychiatrist), and Dr Sharmi Bhattacharyya (MCAB69) (PDF) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Adrian Watts (MCAB70) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Dr R. L. Symonds (MCAB71) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Liz Spires, social worker (MCAB72) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Penny Calthrop (MCAB73) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Tom Grace (MCAB74) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Challenging Behaviour Foundation (MCAB75) (PDF) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Wendy and Graham Enderby (MCAB76) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Association of Directors of Adults Social Services (ADASS) (MCAB77) 23.01.2019
Written evidence: Catherine Brewin (MCAB78) 23.01.2019
Written Evidence: British Medical Association (MCAB40) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Dan Baker, Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Lead Officer, Central Bedfordshire Council (MCAB41) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Jess Flanagan, Senior Associate solicitor, Health and Welfare Court of Protection, Clarke Willmott LLP (MCAB42) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Hywel Dda University Health Board (MCAB43) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) (MCAB44) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: David Thornicroft, Managing Director, St Thomas Training (MCAB45) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Inclusion London and People First Self-Advocacy (MCAB46) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Professor Rosie Harding, Chair in Law and Society, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham (MCAB47) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Lincolnshire County Council (MCAB48) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: North East Lincolnshire MCA Group (formerly the Strategic Network) (MCAB49) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Marc Robertson (MCAB50) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Court of Protection Practitioners Association (MCAB51) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Irwin Mitchell (MCAB52) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Ray Colyer, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Manager, Islington Council (MCAB53) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Best Interest Assessors, Sheffield City Council (MCAB54) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Dimensions (MCAB55) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Christiane Plaum, MCA DoLS Team Manager, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Team, West Sussex County Council (MCAB56) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Tracey Cave, Social Worker/AMHP/BIA, BIA Team, Middlesbrough Council (MCAB57) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: MIND (MCAB58) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Independent Age (MCAB59) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Law Society (MCAB60) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: The Relatives and Residents Association (MCAB61) (PDF) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Eleanor Tallon and Annette Wilby, staff members in the MCA and DoLS team at Calderdale Council (MCAB62) 18.01.2019
Written Evidence: Andrew Lee, Director, People First (MCAB01) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: National DoLS Leads Group (MCAB02) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Eloise Jones, Best Interest Assessor/ Senior Social Worker MCA/ DoLS (MCAB03) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Roger Hargreaves (MCAB04) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Dr O Sorinmade, MRC Psych., MSc., LLM, Consultant Older Adult Psychiatrist (MCAB05) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (MCAB06) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Andrew MacTaggart, Best interests assessor (MCAB07) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Mike Stone (MCAB08) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Steven Richards (MCAB09) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Dr Samantha Hamer (MCAB10) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Carol Wilkinson (MCAB11) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Kay Matthews (MCAB12) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Sarah Paxton (MCAB13) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Dr Anil Christopher Chopdar (MCAB14) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: David Parker (MCAB15) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Andy Nash (MCAB16) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Colin Newland (MCAB17) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Rethink Mental Illness (MCAB18) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Derek Boothby (MCAB19) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Sue Adams, DoLS Practice Manager/AMHP/BIA (MCAB20) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Citizens Advice Sheffield (MCAB21) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Dr Camilla Parker, Just Equality (MCAB22) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Royal Mencap Society (MCAB23) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Association for Real Change (ARC), Care England, the National Care Association (NCA), the National Care Forum (NCF), the Registered Nursing Home Association (RNHA), and the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) (MCAB24) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Vincent Duffy (MCAB25) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Nick Woodhead (MCAB26) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Albert House Nursing Home (MCAB27) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Dr Haider Malik, Consultant Psychiatrist (MCAB28) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Bill O'Grady, Social Worker (MCAB29) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Stephen Ward, Lead for MHA and MCA Isle of Wight Council and Isle of Wight NHS Trust (MCAB30) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Tracey Hennis, qualified Social Worker and Best Interest Assessor (MCAB31) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Dr Lucy Series, a Wellcome Research Fellow and Lecturer in Law at the School of Law and Politics, at Cardiff University (MCAB32) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Sara-Jayne Williams, Mental Capacity Act Coordinator for Bedford Borough Council (MCAB33) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Graham Hennis, a qualified Social Worker and a Best Interests Assessor (MCAB34) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Roger Laidlaw, Social Worker and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Coordinator (MCAB35) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Sian Phillips (MCAB36) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Lucy Bright (MCAB37) (PDF) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Adult Safeguarding Service (MCAB38) 16.01.2019
Written Evidence: Learning Disability England (MCAB39) 16.01.2019

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