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House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Data Protection Bill [HL] 2017-19

Here you can browse the record of the public proceedings of the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Data Protection Act 2018.

Committee members and staff



  • Fox, Kenneth



Reports of Proceedings

Full transcripts of the Public Bill Committee meetings.

Proceeding Date
Committee Debate: 7th sitting | PDF version, 298KB 22.03.2018
Committee Debate: 8th sitting | PDF version, 182KB 22.03.2018
Committee Debates: compilation pdf of sittings so far (PDF, 1MB) 22.03.2018
Committee Debate: 6th sitting | PDF version, 234KB 20.03.2018
Committee Debate: 5th sitting | PDF version, 185KB 20.03.2018
Committee Debate: 4th sitting | PDF version, 226KB 15.03.2018
Committee Debate: 3rd sitting | PDF version, 166KB 15.03.2018
Committee Debate: 2nd sitting | PDF version, 286KB 13.03.2018
Committee Debate: 1st sitting | PDF version, 194KB 13.03.2018

Written evidence

Written submissions from outside bodies and individuals are circulated to MPs appointed to examine the Bill during committee stage in a Public Bill Committee. The following written submissions were sent to this committee.

Written evidence Date
Written Evidence: Patrick Daly, Newspaper Conference (DPB50) 23.03.2018
Written Evidence: Index on Censorship, English PEN, Reporters Without Borders (DPB51) 23.03.2018
Written Evidence: Richard Parker, Senior Associate, Hill Dickinson LLP (DPB52) 23.03.2018
Written Evidence: Associated Newspapers (DPB53) 23.03.2018
Written Evidence: National Union of Journalists (DPB54) 23.03.2018
Written Evidence: Law Society of Scotland (DPB55) (PDF, 502KB) 23.03.2018
Written Evidence: Curtis Banks Group Plc (DPB56) (PDF, 110KB) 23.03.2018
Written Evidence: Foot Anstey LLP (DPB57) (PDF, 262KB) 23.03.2018
Written Evidence: Nikita Aggarwal (DPB58) 23.03.2018
Written Evidence: Robin Makin (Chapter 4 part 4) (DPB38) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Lewis Silkin LLP ( DPB39) (PDF, 145KB) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Society of Editors (DPB40) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Institute of Health Records and Information Management (IHRIM) (DPB41) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: ISACA (DPB42) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: National Pharmacy Association (DPB43) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Bates Wells Braithwaite (DPB44) (PDF, 122KB) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Media Lawyers Association (DPB45) (PDF, 121KB) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Information Commissioner's Office supplementary written evidence (DPB46) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Global Witness (DPB47) (PDF, 485KB) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Evening Standard and Independent (DPB48) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (DPB49) 21.03.2018
Written Evidence: Open Rights Group and the3million (DPB25) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: defenddigitalme (DPB26) (PDF, 504KB) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Reprieve (DPB27) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Association of British Insurers (ABI) (DPB28) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Associated Newspapers (DPB29) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: European Justice Forum (DPB30) (PDF, 1MB) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Press Recognition Panel (DPB31) (PDF, 357KB) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Which? (DPB32) (PDF, 177KB) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Open Rights Group and Chris Pounder (DPB33) (PDF, 762KB) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Baylis Media Ltd (DPB34) (PDF, 687KB) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association (PIMFA) (DPB35) (PDF, 566KB) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Robin Makin (DPB36) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: Robin Makin (further submission) (Chapter 3 of Part 4) (DPB37) 16.03.2018
Written Evidence: David Burns (DPB01) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Liberty (DPB02) (PDF, 677KB) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Michael Veale, UCL, Dr Reuben Binns, University of Oxford, Professor Lilian Edwards, University of Strathclyde (DPB03) (PDF, 357KB) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Future Care Capital (DPB04) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Information Commissioner's Office (DPB05) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Big Brother Watch (DPB06) (PDF, 373KB) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Privacy International (DPB07) (PDF, 779KB) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Stephen Rickitt, Clerk to Glanton, Meldon, Milfield, Mitford and Whalton Parish Councils (DPB08) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: British Dental Association (DPB09) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Optical Confederation (DPB10) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Press Association (DPB11) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: WAN-IFRA, CPU Media Trust, and News Media Europe (DPB12) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Sport and Recreation Alliance (DPB13) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: BMA (British Medical Association) (DPB14) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: John Gordon (DPB15) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (ILPA) (DPB16) (PDF, 494KB) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: British Paralympic Association (DPB17) (PDF, 426KB) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: YoungMinds and the Children's Society (DPB18) (PDF, 328KB) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: PACT (DPB19) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: The Law Society (DPB20) (PDF, 142KB) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: The Officers' Association (DPB21) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Amnesty International UK (DPB22) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) (DPB23) (PDF, 123KB) 14.03.2018
Written Evidence: News Media Association (DPB24) (PDF, 988KB) 14.03.2018

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