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House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Investigatory Powers Bill 2015-16

Here you can browse the record of the public proceedings of the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Investigatory Powers Act 2016.

Committee members and staff

Chairs: Nadine Dorries, Albert Owen, Mr Charles Walker and Mr David Crausby

Clerks: Glenn McKee, Fergus Reid


Latest news

The Public Bill Committee on the Investigatory Powers Bill has now concluded its work, and has reported the Bill to the House with amendments.

Once a Public Bill Committee has completed its work it is no longer able to receive written evidence.


Reports of Proceedings

Full transcripts of the Public Bill Committee meetings.

Proceeding Date
Committee Debate: 16th sitting | PDF version, 120KB 03.05.2016
Committee Debate: 15th sitting | PDF version, 138KB 03.05.2016
Committee Debate: 14th sitting | PDF version, 129KB 28.04.2016
Committee Debate: 13th sitting | PDF version, 131KB 28.04.2016
Committee Debate: 12th sitting | PDF version, 171KB 26.04.2016
Committee Debate: 11th sitting | PDF version, 136KB 26.04.2016
Committee Debate: 10th sitting | PDF version, 191KB 21.04.2016
Committee Debate: 9th sitting | PDF version, 128KB 21.04.2016
Committee Debate: 8th sitting | PDF version, 224KB 19.04.2016
Committee Debate: 7th sitting | PDF version, 154KB 19.04.2016
Committee Debate: 6th sitting | PDF version, 178KB 14.04.2016
Committee Debate: 5th sitting | PDF version, 135KB 14.04.2016
Committee Debate: 4th sitting | PDF version, 298KB 12.04.2016
Committee Debate: 3rd sitting | PDF version, 137KB 12.04.2016
Committee Debate: 2nd sitting | PDF version, 203KB 24.03.2016
Committee Debate: 1st sitting | PDF version, 127KB 24.03.2016

Written evidence

Written submissions from outside bodies and individuals are circulated to MPs appointed to examine the Bill during committee stage in a Public Bill Committee. The following written submissions were sent to this committee.

Written evidence Date
Written evidence: Access Now (IPB72) 04.05.2016
Written evidence: Sir David Pepper KCMG (IPB71) 28.04.2016
Written evidence: Letter from the Security Minister further submission (IPB70) (PDF, 5MB) 26.04.2016
Written evidence: Letter from the Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP (IPB69) (PDF, 420KB) 21.04.2016
Written evidence: Tom Hickman (IPB66) 19.04.2016
Written evidence: The Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA) (IPB67) 19.04.2016
Written evidence: Letter from the Security Minister (IPB68) (PDF, 2MB) 19.04.2016
Written evidence: Chris Farrimond, National Crime Agency, Simon Grunwell, HM Revenue & Customs and Richard Berry, National Police Chiefs Council (IPB63) (PDF, 1MB) 14.04.2016
Written evidence: Dr Nora Ni Loideain, Research Associate, Technology and Democracy Project, CRASSH University of Cambridge (IPB64) (PDF, 176KB) 14.04.2016
Written evidence: Letter from the Home Office regarding Government amendments (IPB65) (PDF, 656KB) 14.04.2016
Written evidence: Interception of Communications Commissioner's Office (IPB40) (PDF, 377KB) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Local Government Association (IPB41) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Med Confidential (IPB42) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Dr Lindsey Bell (IPB43) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Public Concern at work (IPB44) (PDF, 40KB) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Ted Marynicz (IPB45) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: David Anderson QC (IPB46) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Christopher Pidgeon (IPB47) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Ray Mcclure (IPB48) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Graham Seaman (IPB49) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecution (IPB50) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Dr C. N. M. Pounder, Amberhawk Training Limited (IPB51) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Labour campaign for Human Rights (IPB52) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: HUBS CIC (IPB53) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Jisc Technologies (IPB54) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Remote Control Project (IPB55) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (IPB56) (PDF, 117KB) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: techUK further submission (IPB57) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: The Law Society (IPB58) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Open Rights Group (IPB59) (PDF, 166KB) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: National Union of Journalists (IPB60) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: The Law Society of Scotland (IPB61) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Media Lawyers Association (IPB62) 12.04.2016
Written evidence: Muslim Council of Britain (IPB01) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: David Sawford (IPB03) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: John Bingham (IPB04) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Jaron Shulver (IPB05) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Dr Paul Bernal, Lecturer in Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Media Law at the UEA Law School (IPB06) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Guardian News & Media (IPB07) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Brass Horn Communications (IPB08) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Brian Scallan (IPB09) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: David Mytton (IPB10) (PDF, 255KB) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Martin Kleppmann (IPB11) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Keith Mallen (IPB12) (PDF, 216KB) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Adrian Kennard (IPB13) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Information Commissioner (IPB14) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Tirath Bansal, Director, Myorb Limited (IPB15) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Annie Machon (IPB16) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Maritime and Coastguard Agency (IPB17) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: James Le Cuirot (IPB18) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Scottish PEN (IPB19) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: IT-Political Association of Denmark (IPB20) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo (IPB21) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Chief Inspector Keith Conradi, Air Accidents Investigation Branch, Chief Inspector Steve Clinch, Marine Accident Investigation Branch, and Chief Inspector Simon French, Rail Accident Investigation Branch (IPB22) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Open Intelligence (IPB23) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Stuart Johnson, Director, Logic Ethos Ltd. (IPB24) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Big Brother Watch (IPB25) (PDF, 426KB) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: News Media Association (IPB26) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: teckUK (IPB27) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Criminal Cases Review Commission (IPB28) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Leonard J. Crabs, on behalf of the Megan Kyanka College Fund (IPB29) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Ray Corrigan (IPB30) (PDF, 353KB) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) (IPB31) (PDF, 266KB) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law (IPB32) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Digital-Trust, CIC (IPB33) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Equality and Human Rights Commission (IPB34) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Christopher Lloyd (IPB35) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Center for Democracy & Technology (IPB36) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Kevin Cahill (IPB37) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: Bar Council (IPB38) 24.03.2016
Written evidence: JUSTICE (IPB39) (PDF, 214KB) 24.03.2016

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