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Bills before Parliament 2015-16

Listed below are all the Bills put before the Parliament in 2015-16, including those that have been granted Royal Assent to become law. Explanatory Notes and Amendments are on each Bill's individual page.

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Bill title Last updated
Royal Assent Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016 31.03.2016
Royal Assent Transport for London Act 2016 19.05.2016
Royal Assent Trade Union Act 2016 23.05.2016
Royal Assent Supply and Appropriation (Main Estimates) Act 2015 06.11.2015
Royal Assent Supply and Appropriation (Anticipation and Adjustments) Act 2016 24.03.2016
Royal Assent Scotland Act 2016 24.03.2016
Royal Assent Riot Compensation Act 2016 24.03.2016
Royal Assent Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 29.01.2016
Royal Assent Policing and Crime Act 2017 01.02.2017
Royal Assent Northern Ireland (Welfare Reform) Act 2015 27.11.2015
Royal Assent Northern Ireland (Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan) Act 2016 05.05.2016
Royal Assent NHS (Charitable Trusts Etc) Act 2016 24.03.2016
Royal Assent New Southgate Cemetery Act 2017 21.11.2017
Royal Assent National Insurance Contributions (Rate Ceilings) Act 2015 18.12.2015
Royal Assent Investigatory Powers Act 2016 02.12.2016
Royal Assent Immigration Act 2016 13.05.2016
Royal Assent Housing and Planning Act 2016 13.05.2016
Royal Assent House of Commons Members' Fund Act 2016 19.12.2018
Royal Assent High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Act 2017 24.03.2017
Royal Assent Haberdashers' Aske's Charity Act 2016 05.10.2016
Royal Assent Finance Act 2016 24.03.2017
Royal Assent Finance (No. 2) Act 2015 27.11.2015
Royal Assent Faversham Oyster Fishery Company Act 2017 27.04.2017
Royal Assent European Union Referendum Act 2015 18.12.2015
Royal Assent European Union (Finance) Act 2015 01.02.2016
Royal Assent European Union (Approvals) Act 2015 18.12.2015
Royal Assent Enterprise Act 2016 05.05.2016
Royal Assent Energy Act 2016 13.05.2016
Royal Assent Education and Adoption Act 2016 24.03.2016
Royal Assent Driving Instructors (Registration) Act 2016 13.05.2016
Royal Assent Criminal Cases Review Commission (Information) Act 2016 13.05.2016
Royal Assent City of London Corporation (Open Spaces) Act 2018 29.03.2018
Royal Assent Cities and Local Government Devolution Act 2016 29.01.2016
Royal Assent Childcare Act 2016 15.08.2016
Royal Assent Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 24.03.2016
Royal Assent Bank of England and Financial Services Act 2016 05.05.2016
Royal Assent Armed Forces Act 2016 13.05.2016
Royal Assent Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Act 2016 12.05.2016
Lords Welfare of Women (Fertility Treatments) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Welfare of Cats (Breeding and Sale) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Veterinary Nurses (Protection of Title) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Succession to Peerages Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Student Fees (Qualifying Persons) (England) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Road Traffic Act 1988 (Alcohol Limits) (Amendment) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Right to Die at Home Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Rehabilitation of Offenders Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Regulation of Health and Social Care Professions Etc. Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Referendums (Franchise) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Referendum (Local Authority Governance) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Public Advocate Bill [HL] 01.02.2016
Lords Property Boundaries (Resolution of Disputes) Bill [HL] 14.09.2015
Lords Polling Day (Saturday) Bill [HL] 10.06.2015
Lords Planning (Subterranean Development) Bill [HL] 23.11.2015
Lords Online Safety Bill [HL] 14.12.2015
Lords Natural Environment Bill [HL] 10.09.2015
Lords Mesothelioma (Amendment) Bill [HL] 23.11.2015
Lords Medical Innovation Bill [HL] 09.06.2015
Lords International Development (Population Dynamics) Bill [HL] 16.06.2015
Lords International Development (Official Development Assistance Target) (Amendment) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Gambling (Categorisation and Use of B2 Gaming Machines) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords European Union Citizens (Electoral Rights) Bill [HL] 09.06.2015
Lords European Union (Information, etc.) Bill [HL] 09.06.2015
Lords Equality Act 2010 (Amendment) Bill [HL] 12.06.2015
Lords Easter Trading Bill [HL] 22.06.2015
Lords Duchy of Cornwall Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Direct Planning (Pilot) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Council Tax Valuation Bands Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Constitutional Convention Bill [HL] 14.12.2015
Lords Conscientious Objection (Medical Activities) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Cohabitation Rights Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment (Amendment) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Chancel Repairs Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Carers (Leave Entitlement) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Bread and Flour Regulations (Folic Acid) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Bat Habitats Regulation Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Automatic Electoral Registration Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Assisted Dying Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Armed Forces Deployment (Royal Prerogative) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Airports Act 1986 (Amendment) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Advertising of Prostitution (Prohibition) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Lords Access to Palliative Care Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Commons Working Time Directive (Limitation) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Wild Animals in Circuses (Prohibition) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Victims of Crime Etc (Rights, Entitlements and Related Matters) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons United Kingdom Borders (Control and Sovereignty) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons UK Borders Control Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Transport of Nuclear Weapons Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Transparency and Accountability (European Union) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Town and Country Planning (Electricity Generating Consent) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Operators (Regulation) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Sugar in Food and Drinks (Targets, Labelling and Advertising) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Speed Limits on Roads (Devolved Powers) Bill 08.02.2016
Commons Scotland Act 1998 (Amendment) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Satellite Navigation (Updating Scheme) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Representation of the People (Young Persons’ Enfranchisement and Education) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Regulation of Political Opinion Polling Bill [HL] 13.05.2016
Commons Regulation of Enforcement Agents (Collection of Council Tax Arrears) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Railways Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Public Services (Ownership and User Involvement) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Public Nuisance from Wind Farms (Mandatory Liability Cover) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Protection of Family Homes (Enforcement and Permitted Development) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Property Ownership in London (Registration) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Profit-Sharing and Company Governance (Employees' Participation) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Prime Minister (Temporary Appointment) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (Amendment) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (Statutory Requirement) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Perinatal Mental Illness (NHS Family Services) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Pavement Parking (Protection of Vulnerable Pedestrians) Bill 11.12.2015
Commons Parks and Playing Fields in Public Ownership (Protection from Sale) Bill 12.02.2016
Commons Overseas Voters Bill 04.03.2016
Commons Ovarian Cancer (Information) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons On-demand Audiovisual Services (Accessibility for People with Disabilities affecting Hearing or Sight or both) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Ofsted Inspections (Schools' Rights of Challenge) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Off-Shore Wind Farm Subsidies (Restriction) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Off-patent Drugs Bill 13.05.2016
Commons No Fault Divorce Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Negligence and Damages Bill 13.05.2016
Commons National Health Service Bill 13.05.2016
Commons National Health Service and Social Care (Commission) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Multinational Enterprises (Financial Transparency) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Mobile Telecommunications Network Coverage (Contractual Obligations) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Mesothelioma (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Mental Health (Independent Advocacy) (England) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Marriage Registration Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Marriage and Civil Partnership Registration (Mothers' Names) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Local Government Finance (Tenure Information) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Local Area Referendum (Disposal of School Playing Fields) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Laser Pens (Regulation of Sale, Ownership and Usage) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Landlord and Tenant (Reform) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons International Trade Agreements (Scrutiny) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Improvement of Rail Passenger Services (Use of Disruption Payments) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Illegal Immigrants (Criminal Sanctions) Bill 07.03.2016
Commons House of Lords Reform (Exclusion of Hereditary Peers) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons House of Lords (Parliamentary Standards Etc) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons House of Lords (Maximum Membership) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons House of Commons Members' Fund Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Hospital Parking Charges (Exemption for Carers) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Highways (Improvement, Traffic Regulation and Traffic Management) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Higher Education (Information) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Health Services Commissioning (Equality and Accountability) Bill 10.07.2015
Commons Health Services Commissioning (Equality and Accountability) (No. 2) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Health and Safety Executive (Powers) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Harbour, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847 (Amendment) Bill 16.05.2016
Commons Government Departments (Decentralisation Target) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Freedom of Information (Public Interest and Transparency) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Free School Meals (Automatic Registration of Eligible Children) Bill 13.05.2016
Commons Fracking (Measurement and Regulation of Impacts) (Air, Water and Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Forensic Linguistics (Standards) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Foreign National Offenders (Exclusion from the UK) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Football Governance (Supporters’ Participation) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Food Waste (Reduction) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Farm Produce (Labelling Requirements) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Events and Festivals (Control of Flares, Fireworks and Smoke Bombs Etc) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons European Parliament Elections Bill 12.05.2016
Commons EU Membership (Audit of Costs and Benefits) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons English National Anthem Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Employment Status (Review) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Driving Licence (Mandatory First Aid Training) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Devolution (London) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Devolution (Bank Holidays) (Wales) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Department of Energy and Climate Change (Abolition) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Defence Expenditure (NATO Target) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Crown Tenancies Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Criminal Offences (Misuse of Digital Technologies and Services) (Consolidation) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Criminal Driving (Justice for Victims) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Criminal Cases Review Commission (Supplementary Powers) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (Duty to Investigate) (Amendment) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Convicted Prisoners Voting Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Consumer Protection (Standards of Fire Resistance of Children's Fancy Dress and Play Costumes Etc) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Consumer Protection (Distance Selling Delivery Charges) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Constitutional Convention (No. 2) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Compulsory Emergency First Aid Education (State-funded Secondary Schools) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Civil Enforcement Officers and Traffic Wardens (Integration of Duties and Powers) (England) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Child Victims of Human Trafficking (Central Government Responsibility) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Cannabis (Legalisation and Regulation) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Blood Donor (Equality) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Benefit Sanctions Regime (Entitlement to Automatic Hardship Payments) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Benefit Entitlement (Restriction) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons BBC Privatisation Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Bat Habitats Regulation (No.2) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Basement Excavation (Restriction of Permitted Development) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Automatic Electoral Registration (No. 2) Bill 21.11.2018
Commons Asylum (Unaccompanied Children Displaced by Conflict) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Assisted Dying (No. 2) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Assessment of Government Policies (Impact on Families) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Armed Forces Covenant (Implementation) (United Kingdom) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill [HL] 12.05.2016
Commons Air Quality (Diesel Emissions in Urban Centres) Bill 12.05.2016
Commons Accessible Sports Grounds Bill [HL] 12.05.2016

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