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Bill documents — House of Commons Commission Act 2015

Act of Parliament

Full text of the Act of Parliament as passed by Parliament (this is the Act in its original state. The Act may have been amended by another Act and any such amendments are not shown in this version).

House Act of Parliament Date
Commons House of Commons Commission Act 2015 c.24 30.03.2015


Full text of the Bill as introduced and further versions of the Bill as it is reprinted to incorporate amendments (proposals for change) made during its passage through Parliament.

House Bill Date
Lords HL Bill 97 2014-2015, as brought from the Commons | PDF version, 71KB 26.02.2015
Commons Bill 169 2014-2015, as introduced | PDF version, 81KB 05.02.2015

Explanatory Notes

Documents to explain the purpose of the Bill.

House Explanatory Notes Date
Lords HL Bill 97-EN | PDF version, 90KB 26.02.2015
Commons Bill 169-EN 2014-2015 | PDF version, 31KB 05.02.2015

Selection of amendments: Commons

In the House of Commons, amendments are grouped together so that amendments relating to a particular topic or issue are discussed together.

House Selection of amendments: Commons Date
Commons Consideration in Committee of the whole House (PDF, 83KB) 24.02.2015

Public Bill Committee and report stage proceedings: Commons

Details of the Public Bill Committee and report stage proceedings in the House of Commons. The documents contain the text of amendments considered at each sitting and show whether it was agreed to, negatived (not agreed), not called, not moved or withdrawn.

House Public Bill Committee and report stage proceedings: Commons Date
Commons Committee of the Whole House Proceedings as at 24 February 2015 | PDF version, 63KB 25.02.2015

Briefing papers

House of Commons Library and House of Lords Library briefing papers aim to be politically impartial, containing factual information as well as a range of opinions on each subject. Briefing papers on Bills are produced before Second Reading and, in the Commons, after Committee Stage.

House Briefing papers Date
Commons Briefing Paper on Second Reading 17.02.2015

Keeling schedules

These are documents prepared by the Government to show how a Bill would amend an Act or part of an Act. They consist of the relevant Act text with tracked changes indicating the amendments to be made by the Bill.

House Keeling schedules Date
Commons Amendment of the House of Commons (Administration) Act 1978 (PDF, 167KB) 10.02.2015

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