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House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Finance Bill 2012-13

Here you can browse the record of the public proceedings of the House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Finance Act 2012.

Committee members and staff

Chairs: Mr Jim Hood and Mr Peter Bone

36 Members

  • Harriett Baldwin
  • Stephen Barclay
  • Tom Blenkinsop
  • Mr Aidan Burley
  • Charlie Elphicke
  • Mark Garnier
  • Mr David Gauke
  • Sheila Gilmore
  • Mr Sam Gyimah
  • Fabian Hamilton
  • Greg Hands
  • Richard Harrington
  • Julie Hilling
  • Mr Mark Hoban
  • Cathy Jamieson
  • Simon Kirby
  • Ian Lavery
  • Iain McKenzie
  • Catherine McKinnell
  • Seema Malhotra
  • John Mann
  • Ian Mearns
  • Nigel Mills
  • Graeme Morrice
  • Grahame M. Morris
  • John Pugh
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg
  • Rachel Reeves
  • Miss Chloe Smith
  • Ian Swales
  • Mr Robert Syms
  • Stephen Williams
  • Gavin Williamson
  • Sammy Wilson


Reports of Proceedings

Full transcripts of the Public Bill Committee meetings.

Proceeding Date
Committee Debate: 18th sitting | PDF version, 224KB 26.06.2012
Committee Debate: 17th sitting | PDF version, 146KB 26.06.2012
Committee Debate: 16th sitting | PDF version, 85KB 21.06.2012
Committee Debate: 15th sitting | PDF version, 132KB 21.06.2012
Committee Debate: 14th sitting | PDF version, 223KB 19.06.2012
Committee Debate: 13th sitting | PDF version, 156KB 19.06.2012
Committee Debate: 12th sitting | PDF version, 202KB 14.06.2012
Committee Debate: 11th sitting | PDF version, 111KB 14.06.2012
Committee Debate: 10th sitting | PDF version, 156KB 12.06.2012
Committee Debate: 9th sitting | PDF version, 159KB 12.06.2012
Committee Debate: 8th sitting | PDF version, 173KB 24.05.2012
Committee Debate: 7th sitting | PDF version, 99KB 24.05.2012
Committee Debate - 6th sitting | PDF version 22.05.2012
Committee Debate - 5th sitting | PDF version 22.05.2012

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