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House of Commons Opposed Bill Committee on the London Local Authorities Bill [HL] 2010-11

Here you can browse the record of the public proceedings of the House of Commons Opposed Bill Committee on the London Local Authorities Act 2012.

Committee members and staff

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The Opposed Bill Committee, appointed to consider the London Local Authorities Bill [Lords] met on Tuesday 29 March and Wednesday 30 March. The Committee reported the Bill with amendments. The Committee decided that clauses 9 and 10 (food hygiene documentation) as well as Part 4 (Houses in Multiple Occupation) and Part 5 (Housing: Powers of Entry, etc.) of the Bill should be deleted from the Bill. The Preamble of the Bill was amended accordingly.


Minutes of Evidence

The Committee sits mostly in public and the Minutes of Evidence (or verbatim transcripts) of the public sittings are listed below.

Proceeding Date
Committee: 2nd sitting 30.03.2011
Opposed Bill Committee - day 2 30.03.2011
Committee: 1st sitting 29.03.2011
Opposed Bill Committee - day 1 29.03.2011

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