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House of Lords Opposed Bill Committee on the London Local Authorities Bill 2007-08

Here you can browse the record of the public proceedings of the House of Lords Opposed Bill Committee on the London Local Authorities Act 2012.

Committee members and staff

The members of the Opposed Bill Committee were appointed on 30 June 2008.

Members of the Committee:

Latest news

The Committee reported the Bill with amendments on 18 July.  They also made a Special Report (which can be accessed below).  The Committee have completed their consideration of the Bill.

The Committee sat in public on 7, 8 and 9 July 2008 and in private on 16 July 2008.  They considered petitions 1, 2 & 4 together with the Clauses which those petitions opposed.  Namely, Clause 10 (relating to "Scores on Doors"); Clause 9 (chairs and tables on the Highway); Part 4 (houses in multiple occupation) and Clause 23 (entertainment involving nudity).  

Petition no. 3 was withdrawn on 9 July 2008 and therefore the Clauses which it opposed, Clauses 25-33 (relating to street markets and street trading), will not now be considered by the Committee.   

The Committee heard evidence from those petitioners mentioned above and  took account of any Government views on those parts of the Bill which are opposed by petitioners.  The Government made its views know by presenting Government reports against the Bill. There are links further down this page to the petitions and to those reports.  


Minutes of Evidence

The Committee sits mostly in public and the Minutes of Evidence (or verbatim transcripts) of the public sittings are listed below.

Proceeding Date
Opposed Bill Committee - day 3 09.07.2008
Opposed Bill Committee - day 2 08.07.2008
Opposed Bill Committee - day 1 07.07.2008

Government reports

The Government is required to make a report on the promoters’ statement of compatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights as soon as the bill has received a first reading. If the Government wishes to make its views about the provisions of a bill known it does so by making one or more further reports which are considered by a Committee on the Bill in the House to which the report is made.

Government report Date
Government report against the Bill from the Home Office to the House of Lords (PDF, 131KB) 30.06.2008
Government report against the Bill from Department for Communities and Local Government to the House of Lords (PDF, 186KB) 09.06.2008
Government report against the Bill from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to the House of Lords (PDF, 277KB) 07.03.2008
Report on European Convention on Human Rights compliance. Made to the House of Lords by the Department for Communities and Local Government (PDF, 78KB) 24.01.2008

Petitions against the Bill

It is open to any individual, group of individuals or organisation ‘directly and specially affected’ by the provisions of a private or hybrid bill to voice their objections in a petition against that bill.

Petition against the Bill Date
Petition No. 1: House of Lords (PDF, 321KB)
Petitioner: The British Beer and Pub Association. Agent: Dr Martin John Rawlings
Petition No. 2: House of Lords (PDF, 259KB)
Petitioner: The British Hospitality Association. Agent: Martin Couchman
Petition No. 3: House of Lords (PDF, 406KB)
Petitioner: The National Market Traders' Federation. Agent: Winckworth Sherwood. The petition was withdrawn on 9 July 2008.
Petition No. 4: House of Lords (PDF, 389KB)
Petitioner: The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers. Agent: Mr Nick Bish

Committee reports

The Committees which consider this Bill may produce special reports on their conclusions. These Committees may also amend or reject the Bill they are considering without producing a report.

Committee report Date
Special Report from the Lords Opposed Bill Committee - HL 160, session 2007-08 | PDF version, 182KB 22.07.2008

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