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Bills before Parliament 2016-17

Listed below are all Bills currently before Parliament. Any Bills which start in the Lords have [HL] in their title. Explanatory Notes and Amendments are on each Bill's individual page.

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Lords Northern Ireland (Ministerial Appointments and Regional Rates) Bill 27.04.2017
Lords Merchant Shipping (Homosexual Conduct) Bill 27.04.2017
Lords Local Audit (Public Access to Documents) Bill 27.04.2017
Lords Higher Education and Research Bill 27.04.2017
Lords Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill 27.04.2017
Lords Guardianship (Missing Persons) Bill 27.04.2017
Lords Finance (No. 2) Bill 27.04.2017
Lords Farriers (Registration) Bill 27.04.2017
Lords Digital Economy Bill 27.04.2017
Commons Construction Industry (Protection of Cash Retentions) Bill 27.04.2017
Commons Unauthorised Overdrafts (Cost of Credit) Bill 26.04.2017
Lords Technical and Further Education Bill 26.04.2017
Lords Neighbourhood Planning Bill 26.04.2017
Commons Criminal Finances Bill 26.04.2017
Lords Bus Services Bill [HL] 26.04.2017
Commons Prisons and Courts Bill 20.04.2017
Commons Parish Council Governance (Principles of Public Life) Bill 20.04.2017
Commons New Southgate Cemetery Bill [HL] 20.04.2017
Commons Faversham Oyster Fishery Company Bill [HL] 20.04.2017
Commons Child Maintenance (Assessment of Parents’ Income) Bill 20.04.2017
Commons Clean Air Bill 19.04.2017
Lords Richmond Burgage Pastures Bill [HL] 18.04.2017
Commons City of London Corporation (Open Spaces) Bill 18.04.2017
Lords Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Ratification of Convention) Bill 07.04.2017
Commons Public Authority (Accountability) Bill 06.04.2017
Lords Pension Schemes Bill [HL] 06.04.2017
Commons Animal Fighting (Sentencing) Bill 06.04.2017
Lords National Citizen Service Bill [HL] 05.04.2017
Lords Children and Social Work Bill [HL] 05.04.2017
Royal Assent European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 03.04.2017
Commons Middle Level Bill 30.03.2017
Commons Wild Animals in Circuses (Prohibition) Bill 29.03.2017
Lords Missing Persons Guardianship Bill [HL] 29.03.2017
Commons Family Justice Bill 29.03.2017
Commons Modern Slavery (Transparency in Supply Chains) Bill [HL] 28.03.2017
Commons Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847 (Amendment) Bill 28.03.2017
Commons Electoral Reform (Local Elections and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 28.03.2017
Commons Double Taxation Treaties (Developing Countries) Bill 28.03.2017
Commons Workers' Rights (Maintenance of EU Standards) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Vehicle Noise Limits (Enforcement) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Unsolicited Marketing Communications (Company Directors) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Unlawful Killing (Recovery of Remains) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Statutory Nuisance (Aircraft Noise) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Road Traffic Offenders (Surrender of Driving Licences Etc) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Protection of Family Homes (Enforcement and Permitted Development) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons National Health Service Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Kew Gardens (Leases) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons House of Lords (Exclusion of Hereditary Peers) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Feeding Products for Babies and Children (Advertising and Promotion) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Families with Children and Young People in Debt (Respite) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Crown Tenancies Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (Safety Abroad) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Awards for Valour (Protection) Bill 27.03.2017
Commons Asset Freezing (Compensation) Bill [HL] 27.03.2017
Lords Homelessness Reduction Bill 24.03.2017
Royal Assent High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Act 2017 24.03.2017
Royal Assent Finance Act 2016 24.03.2017
Commons Violent Crime (Sentences) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Vehicle Fuel (Publication of Tax Information) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons UK International Trade and Investment Agreements (Ratification) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons UK Environmental Protection (Maintenance of EU Standards) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Terms of Withdrawal from the European Union (Referendum) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Terms of Withdrawal from EU (Referendum) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Sugar in Food and Drinks (Targets, Labelling and Advertising) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Short and Holiday-Let Accommodation (Notification of Local Authorities) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Senior Judiciary Appointments (Disregard of Age of Candidates) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons School Admissions (Special Educational Needs) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Railways Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Rail Ombudsman Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Queen's Sapphire Jubilee Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Providers of Health and Social Care (Schemes under Section 71 of the National Health Service Act 2006) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Promotion of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (United Kingdom Participation) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (Statutory Requirement) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Perinatal Mental Illness (NHS Family Services) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Network Rail (Scotland) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons National Minimum Wage (Workplace Internships) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Mutualisation of the Royal Bank of Scotland Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Maternity and Paternity Leave (Premature Birth) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Malicious Communications (Social Media) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Lee Valley Regional Park (Amendment) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Laser Pens (Regulation of Sale, Ownership and Usage) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons International Trade and Investment (NHS Protection) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Housing (Tenants' Rights) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Health Services Commissioning (Equality and Accountability) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Government Services (Telecommunication Charges) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Gender Identity (Protected Characteristic) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Football Supporters (Access) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Financial Regulation of Funeral Services Bill 23.03.2017
Commons EU Citizens Resident in the United Kingdom (Right To Stay) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Diplomatic Service (United Kingdom Wines and Sparkling Wines) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Diabetes Inpatient Care Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Defibrillators (Availability) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Crime (Assaults on Emergency Services Staff) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (Amendment) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Cosmetic Surgery (Standards of Practice) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Companies Documentation (Transgender Persons) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Children of Armed Services Personnel (Schools Admission) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Child Poverty in the UK (Target for Reduction) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Careers Guidance (Access to Schools) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Burial Rights Reform Bill 23.03.2017
Commons British Victims of Terrorism (Asset-Freezing and Compensation) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Bread and Flour Regulations (Folic Acid) Bill [HL] 23.03.2017
Commons Arms Export Controls (Countries of Concern) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Animal Cruelty (Sentencing) Bill 23.03.2017
Commons Access to Radiotherapy Bill 23.03.2017
Lords Parking Places (Variation of Charges) Bill 22.03.2017
Commons Crime (Aggravated Murder of and Violence Against Women) Bill 22.03.2017
Lords Broadcasting (Radio Multiplex Services) Bill 22.03.2017
Commons Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Bill [HL] 21.03.2017
Commons Housing Standards (Preparation and Storage of Food by Tenants in Receipt of Universal Credit or Housing Benefit) Bill 21.03.2017
Royal Assent Supply and Appropriation (Anticipation and Adjustments) Act 2017 17.03.2017
Lords Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Bill [HL] 17.03.2017
Lords Lobbying (Transparency) Bill [HL] 17.03.2017
Lords Political Parties (Funding and Expenditure) Bill [HL] 13.03.2017
Commons Town and Country Planning (Electricity Generating Consent) Bill 08.03.2017
Commons Income Tax (Non-Military Expenditure) Bill 03.03.2017
Commons Organ Donors (Leave) Bill 01.03.2017
Lords Abortion (Disability Equality) Bill [HL] 01.03.2017
Commons Benefit Claimants Sanctions (Required Assessment) Bill 27.02.2017
Commons Mutual Guarantee Societies Bill 24.02.2017
Royal Assent Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Act 2017 24.02.2017
Royal Assent Commonwealth Development Corporation Act 2017 24.02.2017
Commons National Health Service Staff (Reporting and Registration) Bill 23.02.2017
Commons Parthenon Sculptures (Return to Greece) Bill 22.02.2017
Commons Local Government Finance Bill 22.02.2017
Commons Withdrawal from the European Union (Article 50) Bill 21.02.2017
Commons Use of Property (Protection) Bill 21.02.2017
Lords University of London Bill [HL] 06.02.2017
Lords Regulation of Health and Social Care Professions Etc. Bill [HL] 06.02.2017
Lords House of Lords Reform Bill [HL] 06.02.2017
Lords Child Contact Centres (Accreditation) Bill [HL] 06.02.2017
Royal Assent Wales Act 2017 03.02.2017
Commons Sexual Offences (Pardons Etc.) Bill 03.02.2017
Royal Assent Policing and Crime Act 2017 01.02.2017
Commons Local Authority Roads (Wildlife Protection) Bill 01.02.2017
Commons Small and Medium Sized Co-operative Development Bill 30.01.2017
Lords Rehabilitation of Offenders (Amendment) Bill [HL] 30.01.2017
Lords Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill [HL] 30.01.2017
Lords Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill [HL] 30.01.2017
Commons Parliamentary Constituencies (Amendment) Bill 24.01.2017
Commons National Health Service Provision (Local Consultation) Bill 24.01.2017
Commons Representation of the People (Voter Proof of Identity) Bill 18.01.2017
Commons Highway Works (Weekend Working and Traffic Management Measures) Bill 18.01.2017
Commons Stalking (Sentencing) Bill 17.01.2017
Royal Assent Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Act 2017 17.01.2017
Royal Assent Savings (Government Contributions) Act 2017 17.01.2017
Commons Registration of Marriage Bill 16.01.2017
Commons Health and Social Care (National Data Guardian) Bill 16.01.2017
Lords Property Boundaries (Resolution of Disputes) Bill [HL] 12.12.2016
Lords House of Lords Act 1999 (Amendment) Bill [HL] 12.12.2016
Commons Parental Bereavement Leave (Statutory Entitlement) Bill 02.12.2016
Royal Assent Investigatory Powers Act 2016 02.12.2016
Commons Disability Equality Training (Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Drivers) Bill 02.12.2016
Lords Renters’ Rights Bill [HL] 21.11.2016
Lords Register of Arms Brokers Bill [HL] 21.11.2016
Lords International Development (Official Development Assistance Target) (Amendment) Bill [HL] 21.11.2016
Commons Air Quality (Diesel Emissions in Urban Centres) Bill 18.11.2016
Commons Gangmasters (Licensing) and Labour Abuse Authority Bill 02.11.2016
Commons Assets of Community Value Bill 02.11.2016
Lords House of Lords Bill [HL] 27.10.2016
Royal Assent Haberdashers' Aske's Charity Act 2016 05.10.2016
Lords Budget Responsibility and National Audit (Fiscal Mandate) Bill [HL] 12.09.2016
Lords Fixed-term Parliaments (Repeal) Bill [HL] 07.09.2016
Royal Assent Supply and Appropriation (Main Estimates) Act 2016 21.07.2016
Lords Armed Forces Deployment (Royal Prerogative) Bill [HL] 11.07.2016
Lords Carbon Emission Reductions Bill [HL] 16.06.2016
Lords Support to Exit Prostitution Bill [HL] 15.06.2016
Lords Energy Measures (Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency) Bill [HL] 15.06.2016
Lords Economic Strategy Bill [HL] 15.06.2016
Lords Disability Employment (Gap) Bill [HL] 15.06.2016
Lords Local Government Elections (Referendum) Bill [HL] 14.06.2016
Lords Genocide Determination Bill [HL] 14.06.2016
Lords Cohabitation Rights Bill [HL] 14.06.2016
Lords Betting Licences (Category B2 Gaming Machines) Bill [HL] 14.06.2016
Lords Carers (Leave Entitlement) Bill [HL] 10.06.2016
Lords Automatic Electoral Registration (School Students) Bill [HL] 10.06.2016
Lords Assisted Dying Bill [HL] 10.06.2016
Lords Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill [HL] 10.06.2016
Lords Access to Palliative Care Bill [HL] 10.06.2016
Lords Teacher Training (Special Educational Needs) Bill [HL] 09.06.2016
Lords Opticians Act 1989 (Amendment) Bill [HL] 09.06.2016
Lords Humanitarian Assistance (Genocide Victims) Bill [HL] 09.06.2016
Lords Extension of Franchise (House of Lords) Bill [HL] 09.06.2016
Lords Ethnicity Pay Gap Bill [HL] 09.06.2016
Lords Unpaid Work Experience (Prohibition) Bill [HL] 08.06.2016
Lords Succession to Peerages Bill [HL] 08.06.2016
Lords Online Privacy Protection Bill [HL] 08.06.2016
Lords BBC Royal Charter Bill [HL] 08.06.2016
Lords Bat Habitats Regulation Bill [HL] 08.06.2016
Lords Right to Die at Home Bill [HL] 07.06.2016
Lords Online Safety Bill [HL] 07.06.2016
Lords European Union (Information, etc.) Bill [HL] 07.06.2016
Lords Student Support (Non-Interest-Bearing Finance) Bill [HL] 27.05.2016

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